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A unique way to preserve your flowers

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Creating wearable art from your memories

I want my art to be a reminder of your special moment, your special person. I also want you to have your roses see, to smell, & to touch.


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Sentimental Gifts…My Chinaberry necklace

Posted on Aug 30 by

I’m always thinking about how lucky I am. I get lovely thank you notes; I get wonderful reviews written about Beads of a Rose. One of my most sentimental gifts is a chinaberry...


What does the color of Roses mean?

Posted on Aug 10 by

At Beads of a Rose we get a lot of questions about the color of roses and their meaning.  Here are the most common rose colors and what they mean. Red Roses The color red for a...


New Gemstones

Posted on Aug 23 by

I love new gemstones… so I love to go to trunk shows and see what is out there. Last week I got to go to a great one right off of Bridgewater. I found a whole treasure of...


Rose Beads for Mother’s Day

Posted on Apr 26 by

Ever since I started Beads of a Rose I’ve realized there are so many perks to this job. Besides just making beads and jewelry, I get to hear the stories that are attached to the...


From Funeral Roses to Heirloom Jewelry

Posted on Apr 15 by

I’m almost finished with a job for a family where I processed 9 red funeral roses from the funeral of their beloved husband and father. We ended up with twenty-six 8mm dark rose...


Rose Petal Beads for a Bride

Posted on Mar 24 by

I have just finished a pair of rose petal earrings and a pendant that will be used as a door prize at the Whitestone Inn this Sunday, March 29th  2015 for their annual bridal...