How to care for your rose beads:

 Your rose beads are porous and are not sealed in order for you to enjoy the fragrance so special care is needed for your jewelry.

 Once you receive your rose beads it is recommended that you store them in an air tight container in a dry cool place avoiding humidity and areas with strong odors.

Storing your rose bead jewelry in an air tight container will not only help to preserve the scent it will also help the sterling silver from tarnishing.

 If the sterling silver does tarnish, use only a silver polishing cloth to rub the tarnish away.

DO NOT immerse the rose beads in liquid of any kind as this will soften the beads and could end up destroying the bead. If they do get wet or damp dry them off and allow them to air dry for at least week before putting them away.

Although these beads are durable and will last for generations, remember the beads are organic and they can be destroyed if you really put your mind to it.

Enjoy your beads & if you have any questions please email me.

Thank you,

Cheryll Barker