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At Beads of a Rose we get a lot of questions about the color of roses and their meaning.  Here are the most common rose colors and what they mean.

the color of roses - red roses

Red Roses

The color red for a rose is the perfect way to show your special person that you love and respect them.

Pink Roses

The pink rose is often given to show appreciation, admiration, or sympathy.

the color of roses - pink roses

White Roses

The white rose is usually given when you’re trying convey innocence, purity…meaning-to promote purity and a special occasion.

Yellow roses

When you want to congratulate love ones and friends during times of happiness give them yellow roses.

Yellow rose
Orange rose

Orange Roses

Then there is my favorite, orange roses. Choose this color with caution because it means DESIRE. So when you’re picking out roses for friends and parents… I would stay away from the orange ones.  We don’t want your 80 yr old aunt Alice to get the wrong idea.


Now you know a little bit about the color of roses. So the next time you’re out shopping for your significant other, a special friend, or your mom; you’ll know how to pick the perfect rose.

And remember if you want to preserve your roses for years to come, consider having them made into beautiful bead jewelry.