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I’m almost finished with a job for a family where I processed 9 red funeral roses from the funeral of their beloved husband and father. We ended up with twenty-six 8mm dark rose petal beads to divide between 3 ladies… we decided on 2 necklaces and 1 bracelet.


The first necklace is 20 inches. I used 10 rose beads, two sizes of hessonite—sometimes called the Cinnamon Stone.  It is said to bring peace to the wearer and is also known for it’s rich golden hue. I used Jewelry’s Brass to make several little discs & 18kt gold filled wire to join everything.

Hessonite with funeral roses


The second necklace is 18 inches. I used 9 rose beads and fluorite—a beautiful stone that can have purple, blue, green, yellow, or clear, all in the same strand. I had fun making sterling silver washers– they add just the right thing— and I connected everything with sterling silver wire.

Fluorite with funeral roses


On the bracelet I used 7 rose beads and rose quartz—a stone that is renown for it’s delicate pink tone and is one of the most prized quartz.  I added Vintage Rose Swarovski Crystals– they seemed to give the bracelet just the right POP.

rose quartz with funeral roses