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I love new gemstones… so I love to go to trunk shows and see what is out there. Last week I got to go to a great one right off of Bridgewater.

I found a whole treasure of gemstones and other types of beads, but since I was shopping without a client in mind I put limits on what I could buy.

I got to add a new gemstone to my inventory and restocked on a gemstone that I’ve used in quite a few of my pieces.

4x2 Ruby Zoisite

4×2 Ruby Zoisite

I’ll start with the new Ruby Zoisite, it’s sometimes called Anyolite. This gemstone contains Ruby & Zoisite and is said to be the marriage of passion and patience. It is also said to help keep the wearer from overreacting and is especially helpful in mourning. I just love the color and shape. I can see it lending itself quite nicely to rose beads for a beautiful bracelet or ankle bracelet.

Ruby Zoisite & Tourmaline

My restock item is Tourmaline (the small gemstones in the center). This beautiful little gemstone comes in a variety of colors…green, pink, blue, and even a black. It is said this is primarily a healing and protective stone; but it also attracts luck, inspires creativity, while it’s aiding in physical & emotional healing. I love the versatility of the stone, how well it pairs with other gemstones, and how nicely it fits with the rose beads (as you can see below).

Version 2

So the next time you see or hear about a gemstone trunk sale… do yourself a favor, stop and take a look. 😉